price-bubbles-4360greenMEMORIAL SERVICE Simple Package – $4,360.00

What This Service Includes:
  • Professional services of funeral director and staff
  • Transfer of deceased
  • Use of facilities, equipment and staff for memorial service
  • Register book, memorial folders or prayer cards
  • Cremation in our facility
  • Cremation authorization
  • Includes personal remembrance selection
  • Private viewing for up to 6 people for 1/2 hour during business hours
  • Cremation authorization
  • Personal memorial Urn
  • Cremation casket/container
  • Living memorial program included


*This price is based upon the weight of the remains being 300 pounds or less. An additional charge will be added for remains over the weight of 300 pounds; we can only accept remains up to 400 pounds in weight. REMAINS OVER THE WEIGHT OF 300 LBS will be charged an additional $175.00.
*Fee of $2.00 per mile for over 50 miles